Dr Noman Tahir is a General practitioner, GP, have practice in Marden Medical Clinic in Marden, SA . Dr Noman Tahir has 85 views and 1 review. 0 patients voted for medical provider, average rating 0.00 out of 5.

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  • Practice name Marden Medical Clinic
  • Address 12 Lower Portrush Rd, Marden, SA, 5070
  • Suburb or City Marden, SA
What is the Dr Noman Tahir's specialty?
Dr Noman Tahir is a General practitioner, GP.
What is the address of the Dr Noman Tahir's practice?
Dr Noman Tahir works at 12 Lower Portrush Rd, Marden, SA, 5070

One thought on “Dr Noman Tahir”

    Jane London


    I have been seeing Dr. Tahir for around 10 years now, before he moved to Marden. I had been with another one who retired and died, I’d been with him for 20 years at least and wonderful. It was hard to replace, Dr. Teh.You couldn’t if the truth be told, but finally I found Dr. Tahir. He’s was great about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, which is all I had then. I went overseas for a while came back very, very sick after a big heart attack..I was in the hills but decided to visit him in Adelaide, I was so fed up with others there. I’m now in the city. I like Dr Tahir very much indeed. I have got to know him and him me. It helps so much to be with one you know well and can stay with. I need quite a bit of treatment as very bad heart now and also had breast cancer. He has been very good indeed. The only thing I don’t like now is a lot of telephone consults due to covid and the clinic itself. Some staff, one in particular, so hard to get on with and will screech and scream at you if she takes umbrage such as with masks when I’m exempt. She has not been nice from the beginning.. I was working with my ex husband who is a chiropractor. If she had been with us she would have been out the door in a hurry. A couple of staff are good. I don’t wish to change as Dr. Tahir is great, but I do wish some of the staff would leave until like Dr. Pin Teh’s staff who were wonderful. Also the phones need more staff. It’s so hard to get through at times. Not their fault but another receptionist is needed badly. It’s taken up to 2 or more hours to get through. Dr. Tahir pretty much on time although if held up I think he may be needed by someone far sicker than me, as it can be the other way around at times. I don’t complain about that. If someone is truly sick they need a little more attention, simple. He’s never late as such unless it’s something rarely like that. That’s a good doctor, if problems he helps the sicker one first. If I’m there I can’t be as bad as sometimes! it’s impossible to make it exactly the moment of the appointment, you may expect a tiny wait. Generally though barely one. I don’t want to recommend him too highly as everyone might want to go to him and then I will find it even harder to find a time with him! LOL You get my meaning! He’s so good if everyone wants to see him what do I do! LOL If they would simply get rid of that office manager it would be all lovely down there but I guess she’s a fixture and that’s that but when it’s vital to avoid stress because of your bad health and she screams at you THAT’S not good. She needs to remember she’s lucky to have relatively good health, the patients may be in very bad health, simple equation in a medical centre which she can’t seem to grasp. As said to me by several doctors all my problems are from high stress, then she starts. If I ever leave it will be because of her. And I will stand up to her, she has no right to screech right across the reception area at people. I will defend myself. With her it’s just this clinic but with ALL medical places we have as much right as the staff does to be treated with respect. As I’m going to do in a campaign next year with everyone, not just this medical centre, also hospitals etc. they want to be treated nicely and won’t tolerate abuse from patients etc. What about us? Do we not deserve that too? And why is it not on the wall as well that they will treat us with the same respect back as they want? Especially when so many patients may have conditions which are seriously linked to severe stress. I’m told I must not be involved in strong stress or my heart may give out. Then please not at a medical centre. Simple manners comes into it and discussion, not screaming. Dr Tahir would NEVER treat anyone like that at all. He’s very quiet, very learned, really knows medicine, very polite and kind. He may at times be a bit frustrated with me as I know what I want but never shows it! He’s so respectful of a patients right to make the final decision on some things themselves. It actually saved my life fairly recently, between the two of us, his great knowledge and discussion and my final decision to take on which way should I go. I like doctors like that. I have a right to a lot of input as it’s my body. But his education and expertise is so valued in making that decision. That’s what I want, someone I can respect and someone who respects me and doesn’t treat me as though I have no brain. He does, he respects my rights, he respects I know a reasonable amount, he’s great. Wish more doctors were like that. How I wish It was time many others listened to their patients, Dr. Tahir does. Always.

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